Code of Conduct

The basic principles of the International Institute of Marine Surveying’s Code of Conduct, by which all members agree to be bound, are as follows:


A Member must have a sound foundation in the general knowledge of his profession in addition to appropriate and adequate experience. He/She must keep up to date in his/her technical training and knowledge.


A Member must adopt an impartial and objective approach in all aspects of his/her Marine Surveying work.


A Surveyor will be independent of the client commissioning the survey.


A surveyor will:

  • not be influenced by outside pressures
  • seek to reach agreements based on objective conclusions
  • not make personal or illegal profit from the sale of damaged goods or materials

Client Relations

A surveyor will:

  • never bias or modify his/her professional opinions for personal gain or in response to any form of pressure from whatever source
  • will obtain from a principal clear Terms or reference and confine his/her report to the agreed Terms
  • only undertake to carry out assignments for which he/she is properly qualified for a particular assignment
  • accept arbitration when all parties involved agree to this method of solving disputes
  • recognise that his/her first duty is to his/her clients instructions and endeavour to sustain an open relationship with a client whilst, at all times, observing professional integrity

Professional Relations

A surveyor will:

  • co-operate with colleagues to achieve a complete and objective survey
  • not allow agreements reached by a surveyor in charge of a case to be modified by the direction of any organisation to which he/she belongs
  • not criticise a fellow surveyor or colleague to third parties
  • ensure strict confidentiality over information received from third parties whom are not involved with the case in hand
  • not carry out free surveys but negotiate fees which seek to achieve full cost recovery
  • discuss with other attending surveyors any contradictory statements or differences of opinion before issuing a final report.


Where recognised international, national or local authority standards exist for any type of survey, then these standards shall always be observed. Any variance from these standards, together with the surveyor’s reasons for such variance, are to be fully recorded in the survey and the principal’s agreement obtained.


A Surveyor will bring to the attention to the Institute instances where members of the Institute are not observing this Code of Conduct.

Personal Conduct

A Surveyor will not practice during a period when his/her judgement is or might be impaired through any cause and will endeavour to avoid actions, which lead to the discredit of the Institute, marine surveyors and his/her own professional reputation.

Relationtship between the code and membership of the institute

When the Institute is informed of a member’s non-compliance with the Code of Conduct this will be investigated and the Member given the opportunity to offer a defence or appeal. Depending on the extent of non-compliance a Member may have his Membership suspended or permanently withdrawn. Minor failures may be dealt with by written warnings. However, repeated minor non-compliance can be considered grounds for suspension or expulsion from the Institute.

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